Licensed Waste Haulers

Any person, firm, or corporation may obtain a license to collect, haul, or dispose of solid waste within the county of Sangamon by submitting an application to the Sangamon County Department of Public Health.

The application shall contain the following information:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of applicant;
  • Proof of liability insurance;
  • List of all vehicles to be used, including make, model, year, VIN and registration number;
  • List of all employees that will be involved in the operation of the business;
  • Proof of worker’s compensation insurance covering the employees;
  • If engaging in the collection of recycling materials, the hauler shall identify the type of material to be hauled for that vehicle, and the proposed method of disposition of the recyclables.

Sangamon County Waste Haulers

Sangamon County-Code of Ordinances