Pet Care Tips

Basic Pet Care Tips

  • Annual visit to your veterinarian is a minimum. This will help to maintain your pet’s vaccination status and allow your veterinarian to examine your pet to help detect any health problems early before they become possibly life threatening, or expensive to treat.
  • Having your pet checked for heartworm and then maintaining preventative medication can help prevent having to put your pet through heartworm treatments.
  • Using topical flea treatments can prevent skin problems and lessen the probability of your pet contracting intestinal parasites such as tapeworms.

Provide shelter for your animal if it is an outdoor pet. Your pet should be able to get out of the wind, rain, and direct sunlight year round. This does not necessarily mean having a dog house, but something with multiple sides and a roof. Some type of loose bedding that your pet can form around him/her is important in the winter months.