The animals housed at the Sangamon County Animal Control Center receive the best possible care during their stay.  Beyond meeting basic necessities, we strive to provide an environment as close to home as possible for each animal.

We are often asked by very generous people what we might need in the way of donations to help provide care for our animals. If you are considering making a donation, the list below represents our current, specific needs.

  • Collars all sizes and colors
  • Leashes
  • Cat toys ~ jingle balls, large mice, foil balls etc.
  • Nail clippers (human type, many cats prefer those)
  • Feline Advantage® flea
  • Frontline Plus® for dogs ~ any weight
  • Heavy duty dog toys i.e. Kongs or other rubber toys…no balls please
  • Large rawhide bones
  • Donations of Kuranda beds can be made here.

Food Donations

Dogs, puppies and cats have a rather sensitive digestive system and generally do not tolerate radical changes in their diet.  For this reason, and with few exceptions, older kittens, pups, adult dogs and cats that are ready for adoption need to be on a consistent diet.  We only feed Hill’s Science Diet® to the animals in our care.

When trying to raise kittens to an adoptable age or nurse them back to health it is more important to get them any kind of nutrition and will accept any canned kitten food (specifically marked for kittens) and any kitten formula (powdered variety).

Monetary Donation

Monetary donations are a great alternative for several reasons.  You may choose how your donation is directed by indicating it for food, toys, beds, etc.  Additionally, donated funds may be available when much needed items are in low supply.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.