Request for Proposal

FY 2019 Replacement of Sangamon County Animal Control and Adoption Center Kennel System Sangamon County, IL is accepting proposals for demolition, installation and materials for the replacement of the kennel system at the Sangamon County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Please contact Greg Largent at 217-535-3065, email at or click here for a copy of the Request for Proposal (closes 4:00 p.m., CST Thursday May 30th, 2019).

4/23/19 2:45 p.m. Q: Do you have DWG or CAD drawings for the kennel project with the actual dimension of the kennels? A: There are no DWG or CAD available. The drawings we were able to locate are from the original construction of the facility and because of modifications made during that original construction we are not confident of the dimensions in the drawings we have provided. For this reason, we have provided ample opportunity for prospective bidders to take advantage of a Site Visit, per Section 4 of the Request for Proposal.

4/29/19 2:25 p.m. Q: Would you be able to provide some photos of the work area? A: We have attached several photographs. Click here.

5/21/19 2:22 p.m. Q: Existing concrete floors may exhibit marking, marring and/or anchor bolt holes along with potential demolition related damage or lingering visual evidence of the placement of existing kennel assemblies following install of the new systems. Can any direction be given as to the expectations of appearance of the existing concrete following install? Would the facility like any alternates for floor covering like epoxy? Please clarify. A: Any lingering effects such as anchor bolt holes or damage to the flooring related to the demolition of the existing kennels that may harbor solid waste or may otherwise contribute to difficult to remedy unsanitary conditions must be corrected prior to installation of new material. Markings, marring and lingering visual evidence of the concrete floor due to the demolition of the existing kennels through appearance are not required to be covered as long as they do not create unsanitary conditions. Any treatment of the concrete flooring deemed necessary by the bidder should be included in the submitted proposal.

5/21/19 3:36 p.m. Q: Do prevailing wage rates apply? A: Yes.